Sports betting 101: we risk our money and place bets to show you how to make money. All math-based. (live BookMaker odds api is available)

The OddsJam logo on our site represents a weighted average of the two sharpest sportsbooks in the world, Pinnacle & BookMaker.

In this video, we place arbitrage bets, as well as mathematically profitable sports bets (+EV sports betting). We make a risk free $10 from sports betting arbitrage due to line discrepancies in the Mets vs. Marlins odds on DraftKings sportsbook and BetMGM sportsbook. We also place a bet with a mathematical profit margin on Julian Erosa vs. Charles Jourdain under 2.5 total rounds -141 odds on BetMGM. This bet was an arb to BookMaker sportsbook, one of the sharpest books in the sports betting world.

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Video description:
BookMaker sportsbook has low vig and is a very efficient sports betting market, which means the no vig odds from BookMaker are a great estimate of the probability that a wager wins. We use this sports betting truth to find a bet with value odds on BetMGM, Erosa vs. Jourdain under 2.5 rounds at -141 odds. We also profited risk-free in the Mets vs. Marlins games with an arb bet on BetMGM & DraftKings sportsbook.

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