What sports bets will make you the most money? We explain props vs. futures vs. mainline markets.


In this video, we outline the different types of sports bets on US and Canadian sportsbooks. That means player props in sports betting, game props, main line markets, futures, awards, and odds boosts / sportsbook promotions. Learn how to find value odds, arbitrage bets (e.g. arbs or sure bets) in sports betting and make statistically profitable sports bets.

OddsJam has real-time odds from BookMaker sportsbook, one the sharpest books in the world, to help you get a leg up in your betting game.

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Video description:
In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of betting on a variety of markets, such as main line, alternates and props. Main line markets are the most efficient markets; they have low vig and typically allow the highest betting limits. Player props, on the other hand, are the most inefficient markets and usually allow the smallest bet sizes.

Line shopping is the key to successful sports betting, whether you’re betting onshore or offshore. Finding value odds and getting positive closing line value (CLV) is the key to long-term profitability as a sports bettor. You need to be beating the no vig odds, or fair odds, at sharp, low juice bookmakers, such as Pinnacle and BookMaker (BM sportsbook).

We have live BM odds (e.g. BookMaker odds), as well as Pinnacle, for this reason. We want to help you succeed and make money as a data-driven, mathematical sports bettor.

Like all of our videos, all content in this video is rooted in mathematics, financial markets and logic. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet @OddsJam or email us at contact@oddsjam.com

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