2021 NFL Week 18 Predictions and Odds | NFL Picks on Every Week 18 Game | NFL Prezidential Address

Looking for a 30-minute show that attacks NFL betting from every angle? The Prezidential Address is for you. Each week, Prez will go through the entire NFL schedule and offer his thoughts on bets against the spread, over/under totals, teaser options and player props. In this week’s edition of The Prezidential Address, Prez breaks down the NFL Week 16 betting card.

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NFL Week 18:
Introduction 00:00
Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 4:08
Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs 5:40
Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears 7:40
Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals 8:59
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers 11:13
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts 12:23
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers 13:43
Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans 15:42
New York Giants vs Washington Football Team 17:19
Tampa Bay Bucs vs Carolina Panthers 17:22
Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots 17:25
Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints 18:44
Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets 21:05
Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks 21:40
Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers 22:38
Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers 23:38
Andy Lang’s Triple Prop Preview 24:18
Show Best Bets and Teasers 28:46

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