1X2 Betting Explained: Important Tips For Betting On Sports To Make Money

What is 1X2 Betting? Well, Oddspedia is right here to explain 1X2 Betting and how you can make money from sports betting by betting on the 1X2 market.

This video highlights how you can make profit from sports betting by explaining how to use the 1X2 betting market.

So what is 1X2 Betting? In this video we will define and explain what 1X2 Betting is. We will also show you how to find 1X2 bets and to place bets on 1X2 betting markets.
You can find 1X2 bets across almost all sports, in one way or another, and if not, you can always find similar bets to make money from.

In this video we will also explain the different types of 1X2 bets. Using on-screen examples, we will show you how to place 1X2 bets on football, and also show you how to place Moneyline market bets on other sports, such as basketball.

Moneyline bets are often placed on US sports such as basketball, american football and baseball where there are only two possible outcomes – win or lose. Finally, we will provide an example of how these bets work in tennis; perfect timing for the 2021 French Open!

We round off this week’s betting academy with our top tips and strategies for 1X2 Betting. Our top-five tips are vital to follow to make sure you have all the information you need to make your best bet.

We hope this short overview has helped you understand 1X2 Betting, and how to now make profit when betting on sports.

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Here’s the video…

00:00 Introduction
00:38 1X2 Betting Market Explained
01:37 The Different Types of 1X2 Betting
02:30 What Are Full-time Bets In Football?
03:23 What Is The Moneyline Market In Basketball?
04:00 What Is The Match Winner Market In Tennis?
04:30 1X2 Betting Tips And Strategies

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