Sharp Bet of the Day | Finding Edge in Sports Betting

Data runs the world – it should run your sports betting accounts, too.

In this video, Alex plays his sharp, positive expected value parlay of the day. He has one NCAA football pick in his 2 leg parlay, as well as one NFL bet for this Sunday. He wagers on the Eagles at -110 moneyline odds on Wynn sportsbook and also under 54 points in the Wyoming at Utah State game at -110 odds. Alex doesn’t haven’t any specific opinions or predictions in the Eagles vs Saints game for this upcoming Sunday; he is just following the sports betting math and searching for value.

Positive expected value betting is the only way to make money in the long run as a sports bettor. You need to consistently beat the closing line and generate positive CLV as a sports bettor. Sharp sports betting is all about identifying line discrepancies and determining in a mathematical way which side is “off” and has value odds.

Alex discusses the math behind sports betting and how to generate positive expected value (e.g. +EV wagers) as a sharp sports bettor. Alex is currently in Colorado, so he is using the regulated Colorado sportsbooks, such as Wynn sportsbook to place his bets.

Alex makes sure to go through the formula of expected value in sports betting to help you determine your “edge” as a sports bettor. He teaches you gambling with an edge and how to make money sports betting.

WynnBet sportsbook is a unique sportsbook in that they offer “chips” which can be redeemed for parlay boosts. Your parlay odds can be boosted anywhere from 5% to 50%, depending on what the Wynn sportsbook spin wheel lands on. In other words, if your parlay odds are +200 and you land on 50%, your parlay will be boosted to +300 odds. This is one of the best sports betting rewards for US sportsbooks. Taking advantage of promos is one of the best sports betting strategies to generate profit & EV.

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